Sperm Donor
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          I was sitting in the doctor's clinic, I had seen an ad in the paper that offered $50 for a sperm donation. I was tight on cash so I jumped at the opportunity. As I sat there glancing around my surroundings, two nurses entered the room.  "Hi, I see you are Mr. Finder." She said, looking at her chart. "I'm Nurse Star, and this is Nurse Sterling - my assistant." she gestured to other nurse.  "So today you're here for a sperm donation?" she asked.  "That's right." I said. Her assistant handed me a large cup, I was surprised by its size and didn't think I could fill it.  "Wow" I said, "What happened to the smaller ones?"  "Well, now we need a lot more." the nurse said, "try to fill it as much as possible."  "So I'm assuming I do it right here?" I asked  "Yes." she replied, "We're just going to leave you here to do that and then in a minute we'll come back in to see how you did."
        I waited for them to exit the room before standing up and removing my clothes. I looked around my surroundings for a few moment as I stimulated myself, attempting to achieve an erection. It was difficult because I felt nervous, it all seemed very clinical. Shortly after I had started the nurses discretely entered the room again.  "Oh my god." I jumped, "You guys are in here too?"  "Well, we thought you might need assistance." the head nurse said.   "It seems like you're taking a while." she continued.  "Well, I wouldn't want you to go against your policy or anything." I replied, feeling slightly confused.  "Oh it's not, we're a very hands-on type of clinic." she said.  

Surprise Nudist Cleaner
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       It was just before Christmas and I had taken this extra job, part time to raise a little money for presents. The only catch was, it was a naked cleaners service. Basically, people would call up for a cleaner service and I'd get dispatched over to their house. Once I arrived, all I had to do was strip off and clean up around the place. The pay was great and it was easy, but today was my first visit out and I was very nervous.  I arrived on time and after double-checking I had the correct address, I got out of my car and jogged up the steps to what appeared to be their front door. I knocked on the door and stood up straight, trying to look cute. The door opened fairly quickly, as if they'd be expecting me. A very attractive girl wearing glasses answered the door and another girl stood behind her.  "Hello?" she said.  "Hi, maid service!" I said, enthusiastically!   "Okay, come in." She said, she seemed shy.  "Okay." I said, making sure to wipe my feet before stepping inside.  I wandered in and looked around before promptly asking, "In here?" gesturing towards what appeared to be the living room.  "Yeah, as you can see we hard a pretty heavy party last night."  "Yeah I can tell!" I said, "Well, I'd better get started."  "Okay" said the girl who had greeted me at the door, "We'll be upstairs if you need anything."  "Okay" I said, slightly confused. Why were they going upstairs if they hired a naked cleaner?   I shrugged it off, took off my clothes and began cleaning, not giving it any thought. I started off dusting around the fireplace. After some time the girls came down, and the redhead ...CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE...

Insurance Physical Test
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       I was sitting in the chair at my local doctor's office, I had been sent there because I was applying for health insurance and the insurance company had requested a physical in order to assess my eligibility for insurance. "So how are your feeling today?" asked one of the nurses who were going to examine me. "Oh well you know.." I said. "Are you ready for your physical?" the other asked. "Yeah, sure" I replied. They proceeded to examine me, I felt a little nervous but tried to relax as they checked my blood pressure and heart beat. Apparently everything was fine, so they examined my throat and that too was fine. The blonde nurse requested that I stepped on to the scales, "Preferably taking your clothes off down to your underwear." she said." I blushed, "I'm not wearing underwear." "Well, then just take your clothes off. We won't look, but we do need an accurate weight count." I obeyed, stripping my clothes off and stepping onto the scales. She adjusted them for a moment before getting an accurate definition of my weight, the other nurse was summarizing the examination and making notes of what they had found so far. "Well, he's about 198lbs." she said, "How tall are you?" "5'11" I replied. "Pretty good, that's about right." I sat back down in the chair, still naked, and waited for them to finish jotting down the results. They also had to examine me for testicular cancer, so they took turns touching my testicles, searching through my scrotum for lumps and examine my cockhead and shaft. The feeling of their eyes on my body excited me. "There's one more thing we ... CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE...

Girls Behaving Badly
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       It was my first day at my new college, I was starting an evening class for history 101 during week days. As it was my first day I was early and had been expecting to spend some time wandering around college until I found my classroom. The task however, had been easier than I'd expected and I found my classroom quite promptly and as I wandered in I took a look at my surrounding, and slipped down in to one of the desks near the front of the class. A few minutes later my mind was already wandering, but it stopped abruptly when two very attractive girls entered the room. One was tallish, about 5"9ish with long blonde hair that was tied back in a pony tail "Oh god, who's the new dope?" I heard one of them say, "Welcoming." I thought. "What are you doing here?" "I'm here for history 101", I paused, "this is history 101 right?" "Right, well, actually, it's whatever you want it to be I guess, but this is our class.", said one of them, continuing, "And if you're going to be in our class there are some things you should know, for one, I'm in charge." "Oh, are you the teacher?" I said, slightly confused. "Something like that, I'm more of a head student." "Oh I see." I responded. "So, uh, what's with the black socks and brown sandles?" the taller girl asked. I stuttered, "My mom suggested I wore these." I said. "I see, well, in order to stay in this class, you're going to have to get with the program." said the shorter girl, "Because we don't take dorks like you." The tone of the conversation was getting steadily worse, these girls were becoming increasingly more hostile, insulting me and my appearance. I was beginning to feel quite humiliated, and I wasn't sure how to react. "Come here", the taller girl said. I stood up out of my seat, looking over at her nervously but not moving any closer. .... CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE...